There is no doubt that the cultural heritage of every man, is its most valuable living treasure. It is through this heritage that the identity, the existence over time and the historical continuity of the people are shaped and expressed.

As soon as the visitor enters one of the archaeological sites in the Loutraki area, he is fascinated not only by the beauty of the landscape but also by the mysteries that have lain hidden beneath these ancient buildings, for many centuries so far. The traveler of the present day is rewarded by a wealth of alternating images of nature and is impossible not to be moved by his interaction with time and history. Thanks to its central geographical position, the Loutraki-Perachora area is an ideal starting-point for day trips to the very important archaeological sites, which are close to it. These include Ancient Corinth, Sikyon, Mycenae, Argos, Nafplio, Epidaurus, Olympia, Mystras, and the Acropolis of Athens and Delphi.